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I resisted downloading music for longer than I thought I would until it just seemed like a pain to wait for my CD that I usually ordered from Amazon.  Why not just have it right away, right?  This was about three years ago.  I started using Itunes, and it delighted me.  However, as I have begun to update my computers on a yearly basis, keeping my music with Itunes has gotten to be quite costly and annoying.  I’ve lost almost every movie I’ve purchased and about half of the songs I bought because of authorization problems.

On top of that, whenever I try to use one of the songs on a video montage, I get the most annoying license protection errors.  It has progressively made me dislike Itunes, which is why I have quite using it altogether, including the fact that I can’t even update my email address that is an old .mac address that no longer exists.

Every purchase of music in the last two months has occurred on  Even the networks have their shows to view on their websites for free now.  The way I see it – unless Itunes goes DRM free, I’ll never use it again.

That’s how I believe most people, after a given amount of time, will feel, especially after they update their computers and realize what a pain in the ass it is.  I couldn’t even get my invoices from Apple because of the whole email issue.   It really seems archaic.


When it comes to artistry, i think we do it because it gives us a sense of purpose.  I feel like I know why I’m here, I know what I want, and I know, on a very intuitive level, the power of truth.  Artistically, this deep, deep notion is what I want to communicate.

You can’t really talk about it though.  It dissipates the quite artistic energy you’ve garnered for inspiration.  If you talk about, it becomes almost course.  Whatever you were going to do, you lose the steam (at least I do).

For this reason, I don’t really talk to my wife about my artistic projects.  It’s an inspiration leak.

A good friend of my wife’s had a baby today.  I wanted to congratulate her while she was on the phone, but she quit talking to me because the first time she came over our house she was offended by me showing her and her husband all of the sound and smart home installations we did on our house.  If I had know she took all that personally, I wouldn’t have showed her.  I guess she took it as, “Look what I have that you don’t.”  Really, it was something I had always wanted to do, and was excited to show it to someone.

I wanted to tell her congrats and all, but in a way I felt she was still pissed at me for showing off my home audio and visual gear.  It’s funny an act of enthusiasm on my part can make someone feel so much animosity.  Her husband is an interesting fellow.  He’s a musician, kind of kick back and he always rides in the passenger seat of whatever car they’re driving.  I’m a modern guy, but that just amuses me a little to see him in the passenger seat all the time with his mouth half-way open.

There’s a part of me that wants to get along with everyone, but sadly the tech enthusiast side of me makes me somewhat of an outcast, except online.

Online is where the techies flock.  It’s a very nice place to be.  I’m not into avatars, fantasy worlds, etc. etc.  I’m interested in technology in an artistic and philosophical sense.  I live the life of a technologist, spending anywhere from ten to fifteent thousand a year on new technology.   Some people buy a Lexus.  I buy technology.

A couple of months ago, I ordered the Canon 5D Mark II.  If you haven’t heard of this camera, it’s revolutionary for several reasons:

1) 21.1 Megpixels for $2699: although that may seem expensive, considering that the currently a 21.1 Megapixel camera costs 8k without video, it seems dirt cheap.

2) 50-25600 ISO, which means, extreme clarity and great low-light capacity; ever wonder why cameras can’t photograph what the human eye sees?  Well, now they can.

3) 1080p video capacity using your photography lenses: The video function changes everything for me, since I can make beautiful videos I can control how I want to look, as opposed to very general and complex lighting schemes by a regular HD camera.  For me, this camera has inspired an artistic revival.