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I resisted downloading music for longer than I thought I would until it just seemed like a pain to wait for my CD that I usually ordered from Amazon.  Why not just have it right away, right?  This was about three years ago.  I started using Itunes, and it delighted me.  However, as I have begun to update my computers on a yearly basis, keeping my music with Itunes has gotten to be quite costly and annoying.  I’ve lost almost every movie I’ve purchased and about half of the songs I bought because of authorization problems.

On top of that, whenever I try to use one of the songs on a video montage, I get the most annoying license protection errors.  It has progressively made me dislike Itunes, which is why I have quite using it altogether, including the fact that I can’t even update my email address that is an old .mac address that no longer exists.

Every purchase of music in the last two months has occurred on  Even the networks have their shows to view on their websites for free now.  The way I see it – unless Itunes goes DRM free, I’ll never use it again.

That’s how I believe most people, after a given amount of time, will feel, especially after they update their computers and realize what a pain in the ass it is.  I couldn’t even get my invoices from Apple because of the whole email issue.   It really seems archaic.