The Best, most Comfortable Pants in the World for Men- LuluLemon Slacks

I got to a relatively nice gym called Equinox.  It’s very clean, the people are friendly.

When you go to a gym like this you start to notice cool-looking, comfortable apparel.  One of the brands I became even more familiar with is LuLuLemon.  They make modern, lifestyle yoga wear for women, and pretty aesthetically pleasing stuff for men.  I’m not like a guy who particularly feels true to himself wearing “Under Armour” and Nike gets kinda trite.

LuluLemon is nice, expensive enough to make most people unwlling to pay for it…so it’s exclusive and it’s made with such singularity of comfort and purpose it’s actually quite delightful.  Once you start wearing it, it’s very difficult to consider other types of workout apparel.  Checkout  Sadly, you can’t actually buy anything from there or even get a real appreciation for their products, but you can get a sense of their values.

For example, around black Friday I called to ask if they were going to have a sale, and they said that’s not how they do things; however, when I bought three pairs of pants, one of the hot yoga girls working their challenged me to a push-up contest.  She said that if I beat her, she’d give me 15% off.  That was over $50 for what I was spending…so I was like, sure…I beat her pretty easily, and I got my discount.  My feeling was that they would have given it to me anyway (or not).  My sales girls was seemed pretty surprised that they gave me a discount.

I bought two more pairs of innovative slacks that are ($118 each) very innovative and just as comfortable as jeans, and a pair of workout pants that costs $98.00.   My favorite things is that they have complimentary hemming, which means a lot to a guy like me.


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