Oakley – A Half-Ass Brand with Mediocre Customer Service

Oakley is a fascinating company.  They make cool, technologically advanced gear and their ad campaigns are pretty good.  However, once you really start to understand and own the brand, you begin to realize that lack of thoughtfulness in the company and their products in general.  For example, their sunglasses are crack resistant, but have poor visibility; their apparel is poorly stitched and wears poorly, and their latpop bags, although strong, have poorly designed compartments.

To boot, their customer service department is argumentative and they argue with you about silly things, like I had a scratch in my RAZR Wire Bluetooth lenses the day after I bought them (The scratch was there), and they wouldn’t replace the lens.  This made me dislike Oakley and the customer service manager that I talked to didn’t really seem to care.

Honestly, I don’t have time to buy expensive products that are more flashy than thoughtful with half-baked customer service.  Go for Maui Jim or Oliver People’s Glasses (owned by Oakley now btw).  So?  Except for a few lens tints I want for Maui Jim, I buy Oliver People’s glasses, which run at least $400.  Maui Jim ranges from $209 to $400, though the lens that I like cost about $280.00.

Anyway, Oakley is a “poser” brand, and they seem to be ignorant of their brand to offer decent customer service.


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