Vincent LaForet

Vincent La Foret  is a photographer that just came to my attention by my fascination with the Canon 5D Mark II.  He’s a relatively young professional photographer who lives in NYC, and seems to have a philosophical temperament toward technology.  He also seems to be willing to share some of his insights into the professional photogs career.  

He cleverly persuaded Canon to let him borrow one of their cameras, and he made this film called “Reverie.”

He’s a talented photographer, but what I like about him is that besides being talented and sharing his insights, he’s also humble.  He calls this film his “bad cologne commercial.”  He actually got help from a documentary filmmaker to do it, and it is very promising.  I don’t quite get the story, but this film is an example of how something visually stunning almost doesn’t have to have a story.  It operates successfully on a primal visual level, which is a lesson for me because I’ve always been so text-oriented when it comes to filmmaking.  That’s at least part of my shortcoming as a nascent filmmaker.  

For the first time, I’m going to begin working with a storyboard artist (if I can negotiate a decent fee) to storyboard the short film.  I think remember seeing Vince using storyboards to help him with his projects.


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