The Spaceland Project on the Canon 5D Mark II

Several years ago, I wrote a film called “Spaceland,” which is very ambitious in terms of mind expansion.  It didn’t occur to me over night, but after trying to hammer out a screenplay for about a year and a half or two, the concept finally crystalized itself.  One of the unique things about the story is that it is science fiction, but does not require special effects until later.  The story can be told out of order.

The reality is that I have limited resources, and limited experience in filmmaking and to invest other people’s money or my own in this project would be unwise.  I guess my concern is the technical aspects, and even cinematically.  I know the feeling I want to convey, the mood, and the story but cinematically I feel like I’ve never really been able to make a film that I’ve been completely happy with from concept to screen.  

In order to ease into this I’ve decided to make about a five-minute film that uses the main character and problem of the story to create an intrigue about the feature.  The logistics are relatively simple.  I’ve found people who I feel could portray the characters, and the Canon 5D Mark II gives me confidence in the look of the film.  

I bought the HVX200, and I was never really fascinated with the 24P look of the camera (neither was anyone else).  It’s like you had to explain to others, “That’s 24p.”  

The Canon 5D Mark II leaves no question.  It’s visually stunning, and now stories that I had given up on because of my lack of connections in Hollywood or lack of confidence in my lighting abilities, have suddenly been given new life.  This camera has changed my life (and I haven’t even gotten it in the mail yet).


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