A New Gadget: Vita-Mix 5200

I spend a lot of money buying smoothies.  At six dollars a pop once or twice a day, it can add up pretty quickly.  The worst part about getting a smoothy is going to the smoothie store.  Jamba Juice is annoying, Robeks is annoying.  And the smoothie place with boba at the mall is annoying.  They’re usually run by teenagers who you have to watch socialize, and sometimes the recipes varies, depending on how many raspberries the kid puts in the blender.   Mostly though, it kills an extra fifteen minutes of your day  just to get a smoothie, and even at my gym (Equinox)  it is really slow and annoying.   I’ll order the seven dollar smoothie, go change my clothes, and when I get out of locker room, the guy is still finishing the freakin’ smoothie.  It’s like he decided to take his time because he noticed that I was going to go to the locker room.

Well, to save time and money, I finally broke down and got myself a Vita-Mix 5200.  It was about $550, almost six hundred with shipping.   I also got a small 32 oz. “wet” container.  They try to sell you a dry container to make dough, but I just don’t see myself making dough anytime soon with my blender.

I was a little worried that my kids weren’t really into my smoothies anymore, but with this new mixer, it’s amazing what some freshly squeezed orange juice from Trader Joe’s, a banana, ice and a little bit of vanilla extract can do to win you some customers at home.   With the older blender, I was a little sad about my four-year-old not really being into my smoothies anymore.   It’s a bonding thing, I think.

When I go to the grocer store now, I just make sure to buy a bunch of frozen strawberries, blueberries, bananas, mangos, freshly squeezed orange juice.  You’d think it’d be expensive, but Trader Joe’s is actually pretty reasonable.  You can buy a bag of froze strawberries for $1.69 (and bananas for 17 cents), as opposed to almost $3 at Ralph’s.


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